Friday, 18 May 2012

One year after, some news from Simon

Already one year has passed since our last Grundtvig Learner Workshop ‘‘Exchanging Dreams’’ . This event supported by ECORYS UK and the Lifelong Learning programme of the Lifelong Learning programme offered us the possibility to organise workshop around media for 25 people from France, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom.
In order to celebrate this anniversary we wanted to know the impacts that this Grundtvig Learner Workshop had on participants, in their life (personaly and professionnaly. Therefore we contact all of them and received positives testimonies.

Here is the testimony from Simon Gullberg
"For me the biggest contribution to myself has been the boost in confidence when I contemplate learning new things. I know that with just a little effort I can learn and adopt media techniques both in my personal life and professionally. The Grundtvig workshop significantly lowered the threshold for entering into these kinds of things. One little anecdote is from when I held a wedding speech to the bride and groom. I was the last one to give a speech for the night and so I had to make it the best that I could. I managed very well and made both of them cry! As well as having standing ovations for my improvised but still top-notch oration. I believe that part of my success is due to the workshop and the part where we had the opportunity to speak publicly on a radio show."

Thursday, 9 June 2011

DISCOVER the VIDEO of the Gruntvig Learner Workshop ''Exchanging Dreams''

In one week, 25 participants from five european countries - France, Hungary, Italy, Sweden and United Kingdom - learnt about media and gained skills in Photography, Exhibition, Television, Movie, Video editing, Soundtrack editing, Radio show, Radio drama.

''Exchanging Dreams'' is a Grundtvig Learner Workshop organised by Everything is Possible and supported by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union and its UK National Agency, ECORYS.

For more information about the Grundtvig Learner Workshops (previous and future) organised by Everything is Possible, please visit this blog :

Information about the programme :

Monday, 23 May 2011

Jeremy and Justine tell people about the Grundtvig Learner Workshop during a European Day fair in France

Justine and Jeremy at the European Day fair in Arras (France).
GLW Souvenir Poster on the left of the picture.

''It was a good experience to have and I was happy to participate in it.''

Jeremy and Julie, two french participants of the Grundtvig Learner Workshop ‘’Exchanging Dreams’’, participated last week in a European day in Arras (North of France). During this event they told people about their experience in UK.

Between the 7th and the 14th March 2011, they participated in an international workshop which involved 25 participants from 5 countries (France, Hungary, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom). During the week they took part in different workshops run by professionals in Leeds and Bradford. The participants learned about media and gained skills in photography, displaying exhibitions, editing video and soundtracks, creating a radio show and radio drama, all of which they will be able to use in the future. 

Jeremy particularly enjoyed the Radio workshop even if he thought it was ‘’ a little bit stressful’’. He said that it was ‘’a good experience to have’’ and that he was ‘’happy to participate in it’’. Justine, 22 years old, enjoyed the photography workshop, to ‘’learn how to use a camera, discover new landscapes, take pictures of the other participants and to build souvenirs’’.

‘Exchanging Dreams’ is a Grundtvig Learner Workshop organised by Everything is Possible and supported by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union and ECORYS UK.

For more information, visit the official ‘Exchanging Dreams’ Blog where you can discover the week through a video, but also the participants’ videos realised during the video editing workshop and other productions and testimonies:

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Exchanging Dreams on ECORYS' Blog

ECORYS wrote a very nice article about our Grundtvig Learner Workshop ''Exchanging Dreams''. The article is the first article of their blog, that you can discover in clicking on this link:

Monday, 21 March 2011

FIRST DAY - Arrivals

Monday 7th March 2011, participants from France, Hungary, Italy and Sweden travelled to England in order to attend the Grundtvig Learner Workshop ‘’Exchanging Dreams’’ organised by Everything is Possible and supported by ECORYS and the ‘Lifelong Learning’ Programme of the European Union. Some groups arrived in London or Manchester and were then picked up by Mini Bus to Leeds. The French group was the first to arrive in Leeds.

Arrival of the French group.

Way to the hotel.

Presentation of the welcome packs.

One of the participants discover the welcome pack.

Every participant, including the group from UK has finally met for the first time in a restaurant, where they discovered the Indian food, which is renowned in Yorkshire.  Some were tired by their trip, but everyone was very excited by the week.

During this night, the participants received a welcome pack with all the information that they may need during the Workshop; a guide created by Everything is Possible with information about the different workshops, maps, leaflets about the different workshops, places we would visit and finally some information about Everything is Possible and an introduction to the Workshop.

SECOND DAY - Photography workshop & Intercultural activities

Tuesday 8th March, the participants went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, where we began a two day ‘workshop about photography, with the professional photographer Lizzie Coombes. The morning, Lizzie taught participants new skills on using a digital camera and on how to set a good photo, lighting, the subject and the background. After giving to the group a theoretical introduction, she also inspired them showing different pictures taken by other photographers. For this workshop we made sure that every participant had a photo camera.
Then four groups comprising different nationalities went for a walk in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park under a bright sun. This park is an amazing location with an abundance of photo opportunities. Every group had to follow a special topic given by Lizzie: for example to take picture of red and circular objects. During two hours, participants tried to follow the advice of Lizzie, inspired by the many beautiful landscapes and sculptures.

After the lunch, Lizzie explained to the group the way to select some pictures from a large shooting, studying the pictures of 3 participants. She helped them to select three pictures which have been edited and used in the Wednesday Exhibition Workshop which Lizzie also led.

At the end of the day, all the participants came back by minibus to Leeds, where they attended an intercultural workshop. Barbara organised some activities getting to know each other better and finding out what participants know about each other’s countries.

Emanuele, participant from Italy, speaks about the photography workshop with Lizzie and about the interactive attraction at the media museum in Bradford. He found interesting meeting people from different countries.

I am really happy about this workshop. We did so many things; it was such an intense workshop. What I like most was the workshop with Lizzie about photography, because we really experienced how we can free our creativity in a very easy way that I could not imagine. Then I liked the museum of Henry Moore because I think it’s something really out of the normal concept of art and it was very interesting to see that in England could be such an interesting author. It was very nice to meet all these different persons from different countries and everybody are really amazing full of creativity and energy and really interested to do something nice for their country and Europe as well. I have less barriers, before I had more barriers between me and people from other countries and now I feel more open to everybody, it’s very nice. I think this photography workshop was very useful, I learned to make videos, I learned how to be in a radio, how to make music. I learned so many things in just one week. It’s just amazing!

Photography workshop at the Yorkshire sculpture park, with Lizzie.

After Lizzie explanation the participants walked around the park taking pictures.

The participants spend a long time trying to find the perfect picture.

One of the participants taking a picture of a sculpture at the Yorkshire sculpture park.

During the night, participants enjoyed some intercultural games.

THIRD DAY - Exhibition workshop & visit to the National Media Museum

Wednesday, the group left the Leeds hotel early for a breakfast at the Kalasangam Centre in Bradford, where the group enjoyed a mini exhibition about the Black Butterfly Photography Project. Black Butterfly was a project organised by Everything is Possible and funded by the ‘Youth in Action’ Programme from the European Union. It involved 150 young participants from Europe and Latin America, who thought about intercultural and cross-ethnic dialogue and captured it in photographs.

Then the group went to the Media Museum of Bradford (where we were joined by Robert of ECORYS) for the second part of the Lizzie’s Photography workshop. This time, Lizzie taught the participants how to set up a photo exhibition. Each participant selected three photographs which they edited with Lizzie, before preparing and designing & decorating frames for a photography exhibition at the media museum.

After the lunch in a professional catering training restaurant in Bradford college, where all chefs and waiters are undertaking vocational training to join the hospitality industry, the participants came back to the National Media Museum where they prepared a mini exhibition of their pictures and frames in this prestigious venue.

After an hour and a half visiting exhibitions on the history of photography and interacting with various radio and television filming activities, some participants went to see in a private film screening booked for the group, a documentary called ‘’Making of a Blockbuster’’ where they followed the pre-production, shooting and post production techniques of a James Bond Film ‘’The World is not enough’’. Some participants (particularly those with lower linguistic skills) choose to spend more time discovering the museum. They discovered a special exhibition about a Swedish photographer and the many interactive activities about film, photography, television, animation and new media. Some of the participants enjoyed particularly the part dedicated to television, where they were able to present a broadcast show or read a teleprompter for a News programme.

After the museum all the participants participated in an intercultural evening, during which, each group presented their country, their region, their customs and foods. Each group did a very interesting presentation which they had prepared before the Grundtvig Learner Workshop during the preparation meetings arranged by support organisations . For example, France created a special video about their region for this evening.

Kristof, participant from Hungary, says that the photography workshop at the Yorkshire sculpture park was his favourite as well as the frames creation.

I preferred Yorkshire photo making because it was interesting, the nature was beautiful and all kind of things and objects what we can make photo. It was interesting. I liked the exhibition of the frames because I can drown my own style frame, I can make my own feeling to the frame and to the photo and I can choose my best photo, it was good I liked it.

The presentation of the Black Butterfly Project.

The Participants choose the pictures tu use for the exhibition.

Then they prepared frames for their 3 pictures.
One of the participants reading the news while the others are watching him on the screen, at the National Media Museum.

One of the participants trying to play a comedy using an other interactive attraction at the National Media Museum.

FOURTH DAY - Leeds Museums & Video Editing Workshop

Thursday, the group started the day with a visit to the Leeds City Museum and the Leeds Art Gallery, where participants had the chance to observe the different media methodologies used by museums to display their exhibition, and also to learn more about English culture.

After a lunch at the Farthing’s restaurant at Leeds City College (another vocational training restaurant), participants enjoyed an afternoon/evening workshop with Lifeforce Productions, where they learned about video and soundtrack editing. First, all the participants set in Front of a mac and the software ‘’I movie’’  and created their own movies about the Grundtvig Learner Workshop using footage taken during the first three days of ‘’Exchanging Dreams’’.

Some participants choose after to participate to a backing track workshop, and others preferred to concentrate themselves on their video.  One of the French participant, Leon, took the microphone for an impromptu  slam, followed after by each group.

Participants left the workshop with a copy of their video on a DVD. The music ‘’Everything is Possible’’ is available for downloading online. All these production were presented during the last night in UK to all the groups in a city centre London restaurant booked for the celebration night.

Natasha, participant from UK, speaks about the video editing workshop.

Transcription: My favourite workshop was the editing workshop. During the workshop we have taken all the clips that people have recorded and we put them together in short film and we like edited music and transitions and at the end of the week all the films got presented . And I’m really proud of my film because I just enjoy editing and I’m hoping to do this at some point in the future.

Leon, participant from France, speaks about the audio editing workshop that was his favourite.  Moreover he expresses his interest about the photography workshop.

Transcription: Well, my all time favourite workshop was the music workshop, because I was already into the all music thing and then I was able to see the production of an instrumental hip hop hit. Everybody participated in this song so that was very very interesting. Well, I actually learned a lot about photography for example, because I never really was into taking pictures, because I’m not really a picture person and then I learned that even with a simple camera you could take quick pictures.

One of the participants taking a picture at the Leeds City Museum.

Video editing workshop at the Media center in Leeds.

Participants editing their own video using the clips recorded during the week.

Participants creating their own song during Audio editing workshop at the Media centre in Leeds.

One of the participants recording the song.

The soundtrack ''Everything is Possible'' created by the participants during the workshop:

Videos created by the participants during the workshop:

Video realized by Natasha

Video realized by Simona and Marta

Video realized by Carl, Joy and Alex

Video realized by Justine, Yves, Maxime and Jérémy

Video realized by Giuseppe and Simon

Video realized by the Hungarian group

FIFTH DAY - Visit to Leeds & travel to London

Friday, the group discovered what a typical English breakfast is in a British Pub. After trying fried egg, bacon, sausage (with other options for the vegetarians!), baked beans, hash browns, mushroom and tomato, participants had the opportunity to visit Leeds before traveling down to London. They had the choice between two options: a guided visit of Leeds or a visit at the Leeds National Royal Armouries Museum.

At 14.00 the groups came together and set off to London. The two mini buses stopped on route for a picnic lunch before arriving to Borehamwood in time to settle into the hotel and enjoy dinner at a traditional carvery restaurant. Again this cultural meal allowed participants to discover the typical meal that British would eat on a Sunday.


Participants at the Royal Armouries.

Participants during the guided tour in Leeds.

Participants on one of the most beautiful squares of Leeds.

Travelling to London, the participants sleeping in the minibus.

Break on the way to London.

SIXTH DAY - Radio Workshop & Visit to London

Saturday, the participants went to Aculco Radio, London’s Latin America radio station offering programmes in English, Spanish and Portuguese. They learnt how to prepare a radio show: First they prepared the topic ‘’the unemployment and the youth’’ in mini groups. Then they learned some interview techniques. And finally they realised a one hour live radio show.

For this workshop the participants were split in two groups regrouping people from different countries. Whilst a group were at Aculco, the other group went for a guided visit of London, during which they discovered Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, The Thames, The London Eye, Number 10 Downing Street, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Oxford Circus and finally Covent Garden. During this Tour, participants had the chance to use the photography skills that they developed to make their own record of London.

Marta, participant from Italy, speaks about the Aculco radio workshop, which was her favourite one. Then she speaks about the workshop and the fact that she had the possibility to meet different people from different countries.

My favourite workshop was the one at the Aculco Radio in London. we spent there all the day and the activities were so interesting. We were divided in different groups to speak about our dreams and the opportunity about the job, especially the situation of the market of work in our countries and the problem of the youth unemployment. After this discussion we were able to get in the radio and do our own radio emission and this was a very exciting experience. This experience has shown us how it’s possible to realise the ideas that you have and you can create almost what you want, what you think is the best for you and for your friends, for the country in which you live. It gave us a lot of hope.  I learned a lot of things, I can start to know other people from all over the world and this is a way to improve the capacity of know myself and know how to manage with the relation and with other people and with other nationality is better because you have to relate with such different kind of culture and education so this was the first skill I think; and the second was of course to use this media instrument. So the first day we started using camera and that was the way to know an instrument that is so known but we cannot use in the best way, we don’t know such a lot about this. And of course the radio and we visited also places like the BBC in which they do a lot of work in an open wild world way.  It was an occasion to develop the knowledge about the world, how the world is going on and why this. This was another opportunity.

Grundtvig Learner Workshop: Radio Workshop -
Morning radio show

Grundtvig Learner Workshop: Radio Workshop -
Afternoon radio show

Participants discovering London.

In front of Big Ben and the House of Parlament.

Participants discussing and creating their own radio program during the Radio workshop at Aculco Radio in London

Participants recording their live radio program, in small groups.

One of the group during the talkshow live.

SEVENTH DAY - Visit to the BBC Radio Studio & Celebration

Sunday, the group had the privilege to visit the iconic home of the BBC and the setting for many memorable BBC radio shows and events. As well as seeing behind the scenes, the participants were also able to have a go at making their own drama, complete with music and sound effects. Some participants recorded the sound with the help of a BBC trainer, whilst the other read the script.

The participants were split into two groups for this tour and workshop: one visited the BBC the morning and the other went the afternoon. During the time that people were not on the visit, they had some free time in London.

At the end of the day, the group enjoyed a celebration of this Grundtvig Learner Workshop ‘’Exchanging Dreams’’, in a restaurant in Leicester Square. This evening began by a meal followed by the presentation of the videos created during the Thursday video workshop. Some participants were very proud to see their work projected to the entire group. Then, in order to congratulate everyone individually for their participation in the workshop and in order to recognise the new skills in the field of media that they gained during the week, Everything is Possible gave everyone a Certificate. After that, participants completed a final evaluation about the workshop. As well as being given a souvenir of this week, Everything is Possible offered to each one a poster representing every participant (except those who did not want their photos used) and also pictures of some workshops.

After this evening the group returned to the hotel to prepare for the departure day.

Arriving at the BBC Radio in London for a guided visit of the building and the studios.

Participants realizing a radio drama.

The participants walking around London, taking pictures.

Last night in London. The participants received their certificates.

At the end the participants filled in the evaluation form about the workshop.

EIGHTH DAY - Departure

After a last typical English breakfast, participants said goodbyes to each other’s, before to begin the way back to their country.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Exchanging Dreams - THE TIMETABLE

Download the Timetable of our Grundtvig Learner Workshop, in clicking HERE.

Exchanging Dreams - THE LOGO

A new logo have been created especially for the Grundtvig Learner Workshop. This logo remind the logo of the previous Grundtvig Learner Workshop.
This logo will be on every document created for Exchanging Dreams in order to make easier the visibility of this project.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Grundtvig Learner Workshop Participants Annoucement

Participants for the Grundtvig Learner Workshop have just been announced. 4 groups from France, Hungary, Italy and Sweden, will participate in the workshop which will take place the 7th-14th March 2011, as also a group from UK.